Etch Glass Effect Sign Vinyl

For retail signage applications, corporate identity and privacy screening, Metamark Etch Glass Effect Vinyl and Frosted vinyl offer a realistic, high quality and cost effective alternative to costly, traditional window manifestation such as etching or sandblasting. Whether you're applying wet or dry, for total coverage, or cut and applied detailing, Metamark's proprietary solvent adhesive system delivers sparkling results, a great range of finishes and not a trace of adhesive visibility.


Metamark Frost

Metamark Frost is an opal etched glass effect vinyl ideal for glass manifestation. This self-adhesive frosted glass window Vinyl provides a striking effect whether decal-cut or printed. Also used for total-coverage architectural applications. This highly popular and cost effective product features a crystal-clear solvent based acrylic adhesive allowing easy wet application to large areas as well as excellent workability when cutting smaller decals. The 80 micron monomeric calendered frosted Vinyl produces a smooth consistent finish on all glass applications. Apply to the inside of the glass.

3 years

80 mic

Metamark Crystal, Dusted & Silver Etch

Metamark's premium quality etched glass effect vinyl's are available in three distinctive finishes. These self-adhesive etched glass window Vinyls provide a striking effect when producing decals, printed graphics or architectural effects when covering complete areas of glass. They all allow wet application. Crystal Etch offers a distinctive glitter effect and Silver Etch is particularly suitable for decals where a higher level of opacity is required. Dusted Etch delivers a higher level of transparency.

7 years

70 mic

METAScape Frost

For faster, trouble-free application of glass manifestation, METAScape Frost offers ease of application by providing air with an exit route from under the graphic. Frosted glass window graphics with a smooth consistent finish can be produced, whether computer-cut or for total-coverage architectural applications. The product has an 80 micron monomeric calendered frosted Vinyl.

3 years

80 mic


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