Application Tapes - for Sign Vinyl Application

Metamark offers a comprehensive range of paper and polythene application tapes selected to work perfectly with Metamark SignVinyl and Speciality Materials. The paper tapes are all highly dimensionally stable, offer a clean tear and are suitable for wet application. The clear polythene tape offers a high level of visibility for accurate alignment. Metamark application tapes are available in a range of tack levels.


Metamark M2000

Metamark M2000 is a proven high quality paper application tape suited to most signmaking needs. The tape unwinds easily from the roll and tears cleanly. The tape has been formulated to match the Metamark SignVinyl range as well as Speciality Materials and is recommended for most general need including wet application.

Standard (Medium to High) Tack Paper

Metamark M2060

Metamark M2060 is a transparent polyethylene application tape, allowing easy alignment whilst overlaying complex, multi-coloured graphics from cut components. It offers excellent visibility to the composite graphic underneath during use and is resistant to stretching which makes colour-to-colour registration much easier to maintain and layouts more accurate.

Standard (Medium to High) Tack
Transparent (Polyethylene)

R Tape ApliTape

A standard tack paper application tape, R Tape ApliTape is a high quality product suited to general sign and graphic applications. R Tape's products have long been recognised among other leading application tapes in the sign industry. ApliTape is designed to work well with a wet application method but must be removed before dry. The product exhibits no stringing, and delivers a clean tear in use. R Tape ApliTape is supplied in 1220mm x 91.4m rolls.

Standard (Medium to High) Tack Paper

R Tape 4075

A standard tack paper application tape suitable for most signmaking applications which also benefits the presentation and shipping of finished graphics to the customer or application site. R Tape 4075 Conform benefits from a novel adhesive technology which allows it to adhere releasably to silicone such as exposed areas of liner. It resists tunnelling and edge curling when applied and It is perfect for the preparation of graphics that need to be dispatched for third party application. R4075 is suitable for wet application too.

Standard (Medium to High) Tack Paper

R Tape 4050

A low tack paper application tape, R Tape 4050 Conform allows easier release of larger graphics and those with high gloss levels, and is also suitable for lifting printed graphics without the risk of damaging the print. The product has the benefits of the Conform adhesion technology which adheres to exposed silicone, and is suitable for wet application.

Low Tack Paper

R Tape 4775

A premium grade high tack application tape with a heavyweight saturated paper, R Tape 4775 Conform has improved resistance to ambient moisture thus ensuring consistent layout performance. It has a higher tack than the R4075 or M2000 tapes so is ideally suited for use with embossed vinyl's, or intricate details. The product also features Conform adhesive technology which adheres to exposed silicone liners.

High Tack Premium Grade Paper

R Tape 4885

An extra high tack heavyweight paper application tape, R Tape 4885 Conform is suitable for use with even the most demanding, hard to lift materials, such as frosted etch effect vinyl's. The product also benefits from Conform adhesion which adheres to exposed silicone liners without tunnelling.

Extra High Tack Premium Grade Paper


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