Special Effect and Display Sign Vinyl

Metamark offers a comprehensive range of paper and polythene application tapes selected to work perfectly with Metamark Sign Vinyl and Speciality Vinyls.


Carbon Fibre Effect CF2

Metamark MM-CF2 Carbon Fibre Effect Vinyl delivers a remarkably realistic simulation of the real product. For outdoor graphics, vehicle detailing and computer cut signing it opens a range of creative possibilities. The product achieves its realistic effect thanks to its metallised Vinyl and embossed 3D finish, It is durable for up to 5 years in exterior use.

5 Years Exterior

65 Micron Vinyl / Metallised
Permanent Solvent Based Adhesive
145gsm PE Liner

Carbon Fibre Effect (Metallised

Carbon Fibre Effect CF3

Metamark CF3 is a calendered PVC giving a realistic simulation of Carbon Fibre. It may be used on flat or simple curves so is ideal for large flat vehicle panels, such as bonnets and roofs. The 150 micron Vinyl has a textured, embossed 3D finish matching closely Metamark CF4, but at a more affordable cost. It is durable for up to 5 years exterior use.

5 Years Exterior

150 Micron Calendered Vinyl
Permanent Solvent Based Adhesive
140gsm PE Liner

Carbon Fibre Effect (Calendered)

Carbon Fibre Effect CF4

Metamark MM-CF4 Cast Carbon Fibre Effect vinyl delivers a remarkably realistic simulation of the real thing. MM-CF4 has a highly textured, embossed finish which looks and feels like carbon fibre. The multi layered conformable cast Vinyl is suitable for vehicle wrapping and computer cut applications. The product achieves a realistic effect thanks to its super-conformable 3D finish and is durable for up to 5 years exterior use.

5 Years Exterior

125 Micron Cast Vinyl
Permanent Solvent Based Adhesive
145gsm PE Liner

Carbon Fibre Effect (Vehicle Wrap)

Holographic Effect

Metamark Holographic is an attractive and highly decorative speciality Vinyl with an animated and colourful mosaic-like holographic effect which reacts to changing ambient like delivering a head-turning effect. The polyester Vinyl feature one year exterior durability, longer indoors, and is suitable for use on flat or gently curved smooth surfaces.

1 Year Exterior

50 Micron Metallised Polyester
Solvent Free Adhesive
150gsm Kraft Liner

6mm Mosaic (Silver)

Blackboard Vinyl

Metamark Blackboard Vinyl turns practically any flat surface into a chalk-receptive blackboard. Ideal for restaurant menus or even the walls of kids' rooms, this embossed vinyl offers an easy to apply alternative to traditional blackboard paint. Metamark Blackboard Vinyl features a 90 micron textured Vinyl that accepts readily chalk, and which can be easily wiped clean with a dry or damp cloth. (Not suitable for Pens)

7 Years Indoor Use

190 Micron Embossed Calendered Vinyl
Permanent Adhesive
140gsm Layflat Liner

500 / 1000mm

Dry Wipe Vinyl

This 160 micron self adhesive white gloss vinyl turns almost any expanse or flat surface into a dry wipe board. Metamark Whiteboard dry wipe vinyl is designed for use with water-based dry wipe markers and for use on interior surfaces. We recommend you test markers before use. Some solvent based ones leave permanent marks.


160 Micron Calendered Vinyl
Permanent Adhesive
140gsm Kraft Liner

White Gloss

Blockout Vinyl

A white gloss opaque vinyl suitable for application over existing decals to overcome the problem of colour show-through, as well as for blocking out areas on illuminated signs when applied to front surfaces. The 130 micron Vinyl can be computer cut and digitally or screen printed and is features a solvent free, permanent acrylic adhesive.

5 to 7 Years Indoor Use

130 Micron Calendered Vinyl
Permanent Solvent-Free Adhesive
140gsm Kraft Liner

White Gloss / Black Reverse

Magnetic Vinyl

Metamark Magnetic is ideal for removable and re-usable signs on car fleets and rented vans as well as static applications. It has a bright white finish. Unlike lesser products it bends rather than cracks and it's highly resistant to bubbling that also plagues lesser products in the wet and in high temperatures. Our material is coated too - so it doesn't weld itself to the vehicle like others may.

3 yrs

0.85mm (including white Vinyl)
Premium Japanese Grade
UV Coating

Bright White Gloss

Static Cling

Metamark Static Cling is a clear 170 micron computer cuttable, adhesive free PVC Vinyl suitable for application to glass or metal. Recommended for screen and digital printing, and typically used to produce labels and window decals, Metamark Static Cling, as the name suggests, adheres using nothing more than static attraction to suitable substrates and removes easily when needed. The durability of the unprinted Vinyl is 2 years exterior and 5 years interior.

2 Years Exterior, 5 Years Interior

170 Micron PVC Vinyl
No Adhesive
140gsm Kraft Liner


Paint Mask

Metamark Paintmask is a high quality and versatile stencil Vinyl for use on either rigid or flexible surfaces. The 100 micron translucent matt Vinyl gives clear and crisp edge definition, whilst the low tack adhesive can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue.


100 Micron Vinyl
Low Tack Adhesive
140gsm Kraft Liner

Blue Translucent Stencil Vinyl


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