Accessories for Signmaking

Metamark offers a range of accessories for sign and graphics application and fixing. The range includes cutter blades compatible with most plotters and printer-cutters, and a range of Swann Morton scalpel handles and blades. Metamark also offers high performance adhesive tapes for fixing, and a range of plastic and scratch free squeegees vinyl and digital print applications.



Plotter Blades

A high quality range of tungsten-carbide cutter blades compatible with most of today's popular cutting plotters. Most blades are available in 30 or 45 angles for standard vinyl cutting application, as well as 60 for use exclusively with thicker materials such as sandblast.

Plotter Blades (Cutter Bldes)
Blades for Gerber
Wild / Zund

Metamark Adhesive Tapes

This range of adhesive tapes can be used in many instances as an alternative to mechanical fixings. The tapes can be used to bond steel, aluminium, Perspex, acrylic, glass and other surfaces, as well as Banner Hemming Tape and Magnetic Tape for Pop Up Displays.

T-4950 3M VHB White
T-4910 3M VHB Clear
T-4430 3M Foam Tape White
T-4970 Tesa High Bond White
T-4965 Tesa High Bond Clear
VEL-H Velcro Hook
VEL-L Velcro Loop
MASK Masking Tape

12 / 25mm x 33m
12 / 25mm x 33m
12 / 25mm x 66m
12 / 25mm x 100m
12/ 25mm x 50m
20mm x 25m
20mm x 25m
25 / 50mm x 50m

Very High Bond White Foam Tape
Very High Bond Clear Foam Tape
White Foam Tape For Exterior Use
For Flat Surfaces and Banner Hemming Tape
Clear Tape For Flat Surfaces
White Velcro Hook
White Velcro Loop
High Quality Masking Tape

Scalpel Blades and Handles

Metamark presents the Swann Morton range of quality scalpel blades and handles. Handles are available in two styles. The Number 3 handle and the Retractable handle are compatible with both No 11 and No 10a blades. The X-Acto style round handle with its matching blades provides an alternative tool.

Swann Morton Blades No.10a
Swann Morton Blades No.11
Swann Morton Handles No.3
Swann Morton Retractable Handle
Swann Morton X-Acto Style Blades
Swann Morton X-Acto Sytle Handle


Metamark offers a range of squeegees to suit every application need. Metamark White and Purple plastic squeegees are indispensable everyday tools. Our Felt squeegees allow scratch free application of more delicate materials and printed graphics, as do our squeegee sleeves which fit work with most plastic squeegees. Our Teflon 'High Slip' PE plastic squeegee is hard wearing, low friction, scratch free and with a fine edge. Excellent for digital vehicle wrap detailing.

Sign and Digital Squeegees
Metamark White (Soft) Squeegee
Metamark Purple (Hard) Squeegee
MetamarkTeflon PE High Slip (Soft) Squeegee
Metamark Felt (scratch free) Squeegeee
Low Friction Squeegee Sleeves


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